Women’s 45+ 1-Daily

• Methylated Folate
• Setria® L-Glutathione
• Broccoli & CoQ10
• Iron-Free

Doctor Formulated
Clinical Potency
Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
NO Magnesium Stearate
Vegetarian Formula
Raw Whole-Food Based

30 & 60 Vegetable Caps • Dietary Supplement



Women’s 45+ 1-Daily Multi 

Women’s 45+ 1-Daily Multi is convenient 1-Daily formula tailored to meet the specific health needs of Women over 45, including Albion® Chelated Minerals, Antioxidants such as including Antioxidants such as Setria® “Guaranteed Absorption” L-Glutathione, PureWay-C® (12-hour Retention), Sunflower-based Vitamin E (Soy-Free), K2 (Soy-Free as MK-7), CoQ10, extra Vitamin B6, extra Calcium, Broccoli Extract, Coenzymated B’s and Methylated Folate. Recent research has shown that over 46% of people cannot metabolize synthetic folic acid or natural folate unless it is in its coenzyme form ((6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate MTHF).*1

Key Ingredients in Women’s 45+ 1-Daily Multi

Superior forms in smaller servings for the convenience of those who prefer to take less.*

Coenzyme “Activated” Forms of B2(R-5-P), B6 (P-5-P) & Methyl Folate ((6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate MTHF).  Recent research has shown that over 46% of people can not properly metabolize Folic Acid nor natural Folate unless it is in its activated coenzymated form ((6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate MTHF).1

Completely Soy-Free! Sunflower-based D-Alpha Tocopherol form of Vitamin E (most natural D-Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E is soy-based).

Vitamin C as PureWay-C® – A Sustained Release Vitamin C contains vitamin C-lipid metabolites, citrus bioflavonoids and ascorbyl Palmitate for maximized absorption and retention.*

Contains Lutein, CoQ10, OptMSM, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Broccoli Extract.

100% Albion™ Mineral Chelates – The Gold Standard in Mineral Chelates.

RAW Whole-Food Proprietary Blend – A distinct blend of organic sprout powders, probiotics, plant enzymes, and super food powders offers increased bioavailabilty and absorption.*


Setria® Glutathione L-Glutathione – “Guaranteed-Absorption” Master Anti-Oxidant.*

Non-Soy based Vitamin K2 (MK4 & MK7) for bone support. K2 stimulates Osteo-calcin,
which promotes the uptake of calcium in bone so it is not left in the arteries as plaque.*

Potassium, the single greatest blood alkalinizer to prevent Osteo conditions.*

CoQ10 for Antioxidant Support and Heart Health.*

Broccoli standardized on Sulfurophane to help detox the body from strange estrogens.*

Emerald Green Bar Vegetarian-RWF V1

Clinically Formulated for Enhanced Absorption & Bioavailability!

Emerald Labs is committed to creating only clean, additive-free products. You can be 100% certain that our ingredients are offered to you in the purest form possible.

RAW WHOLE-FOOD BASED FORMULA with Probiotics & Enzymes

Organic Raw Whole Food Sprout Powders (Organic Quinoa, Organic Mung Bean, Organic Millet), Raw Probiotic Blend (100 million CFU’s Acidophilus/B. Bifidum), Raw Plant Enzyme Blend (Lipase, Lactase, Invertase, Protease, Hemicellulase, Cellulase, Alpha- Galactosidase, Amylase, Bromelain, Papain, Acid-Stable Protease, Maltase), Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Whole Food Pomegranate Juice Powder, Organic Raw Whole Food Freeze-Dried Acai Powder, Whole Food Mangosteen Hull Powder, Organic Whole Food Noni Fruit Powder.

Why taking Coenzymated Folate is Important

Studies indicate that OVER 46% of the U.S.population is born with one of two MTHFR gene defects (MTHFR 677CT & 677TT Variations) which inhibits the body’s ability to fully convert Natural Folate or Synthetic Folic Acid into its useable Coenzymated form.1


1. Pregnant women: Significantly greater risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect.*1
2. High homocysteine levels: A known risk for premature heart attack & stroke, as well as the later development of Alzheimer Disease.*1
3. Greater risk for depression, migraines & brain fog.*1

Emerald Labs™  – The Additive-Free Company™

Manufactured for and Distributed by: Emerald Labs, Carson, CA

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

1. Alternative Therapies, May/Jun 2008, Vol. 14, No. 3

Albion® and TRAACS® are registered trademarks of Albion Laboratories, Inc. U. S. Patent 7,838,042 is licensed by Albion Laboratories, Inc.

PureWay-C® is a registered trademark of Innovation Laboratories, Inc.

Setria® is a registered trademark of Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd

¥ (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate acid as Quatrefolic® is a registered Trademark of Gnosis S.p.A, Patent No. 7,947,662


Suggested Use: Adults, take one (1) vegetable capsule in the morning or afternoon or as directed by a Health Care Practitioner.

Emerald Women's 45+ 1-Daily Supp Facts

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule

30 & 60 Vegetarian Capsules  •  Dietary Supplement

Keep Out of Reach of Children. Do not use if safety seal on cap or printed inner seal is missing or broken. Consult a physician if pregnant, lactating, currently on prescription medication or diagnosed with a medical condition. Store in a Cool, Dry Place.

Allergy Information: product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

Allergen Info: NO milk, NO salt, NO soy, NO added sugar, NO artificial flavors nor preservatives.

Manufactured for and Distributed by: Emerald Labs, Carson, CA

¥ (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate acid as Quatrefolic® is a registered Trademark of Gnosis S.p.A, Patent No. 7,947,662


Coenzymated Methyl Folate and the MTHFR Gene

Emerald MTHFR 46% Risk Image

Over 46% of Americans are born with one of several possible genetic mutations affecting either one MTHFR gene (heterozygous mutation) or both MTHFR genes (homozygous mutation).†*

If you happen to fall into either of these categories, YOUR HEALTH COULD BE AT SERIOUS RISK!

Natural folate can be found in foods such as leafy greens while supplements on the market may contain B9 as standard folic acid or as natural folate. Nonetheless, the body must convert either of these forms into its Coenzymated (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate MTHF active form in order for it to be effectively utilized.*

Who is at Risk?

In the United States alone, approximately 47% of Caucasians inherit the normal MTHFR 677CC gene, 42% inherit the weaker CT variant of the gene and about 11% inherit the much weaker TT variant. African-Americans fare better with approximately 78% inheriting the normal MTHFR 677CC gene, 20% inheriting the weaker CT variant, and only aboutEmerald MTHFR CT-TT Gene Image 2% inheriting the much weaker TT variant.

Americans of Latin descent are more likely toinherit the less efficient variations of the MTHFR gene with only 35% that inherit the normal (677CC) gene, whereas 47% inherit the weaker CT variant and about 18% inherit the much weaker TT variant. (Thepercentages are extrapolations based on the testing of infants.) *†

Understanding How The MTHFR Gene Is Important

Our genes naturally code for, or program, the creation of tens of thousands of proteins and enzymes — basically telling each of our 70 trillion cells what to do. The MTHFR gene specifically codes for an enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. This enzyme (also known as MTHFR) depends on folate and also influences folic acid or natural folate activity in the body significantly.*

Every one of us is born carrying two MTHFR genes, one inherited from each of our parents.

About half of us inherit two fully functional versions of this gene, commonly known as MTHFR 677CC. This enzyme plays a crucial role in a series of bio-chemical reactions called methylation, which yield some of the most fundamental molecules in our bodies. For example, they produce the bio-chemical building blocks for mood-enhancing phospholipids and neuro- transmitters, such as serotonin. They’re also involved in repairing damaged genes and regulating how they function. If you have only this healthy version of the gene, when you consume the recommended daily amount of folate (400 mcg) from food or supplementation, the enzyme functions normally.*

Emerald Rick Simpson Green Border

Most supplements available today do NOT contain the activated Coenzymated (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate MTHF form of natural folate. It was very important that we formulated using only this pure, activated form of Coenzymated Folate. By using only the pure, Coenzymated (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate MTHF form in our formulas, Emerald Labs offers optimal bioavail- ability toall, including those who are at risk.

Rick Simpson, C.E.O. Emerald Labs

CT Gene Variation – WeakerEmerald MTHFR Enzyme CT Gene Image

One such variation is known as MTHFR 677CT (heterozygous). This particular gene variation offers significantly reduced enzymatic activity, functioning at only 71% of normal, according to some estim- ates.  This, in turn, compromises your body’s ability to produce essential biochemical building blocks, leaving you at a distinct disadvantage.* One of the consequences of the CT gene variation is that blood levels of homocysteine tend to be abnormally high.*† Too much homocysteine damages blood vessels and is a recognized risk factor for premature heart attack and stroke. Methylated Folate works in tandem with other B Vitamins, particularly B12 in its activated form, Methylcobalamin, to help deconstruct homocysteine. *

Studies indicate that high homocysteine levels resulting from an MTHFR gene variation may be a contributing factor for sufferers of chronic migraine headaches. Research also shows as strong connection between high homocysteine and an increased risk for the development of dementia and Alzheimer Disease later in life.*

TT Gene Variation – Much Weaker

Emerald MTHFR Enzyme TT Gene ImageAs problematic as the CT version of the gene may seem, some people inherit an even more dangerous variation, known as MTHFR 677TT (homozygous). If you happen to be one of these people, your MTHFR enzymatic activity will only reach 34% of normal, according to some estimates. Your blood homocysteine level is likely to be very high, creating an even more significant cardiovascular and cognitive risk. This variation is also associated with a 69% greater risk of suffering from depression and a 36% higher risk of developing schizophrenia.*

Did you know?

Folate is essential in early fetal development, and a woman in her child-bearing years with an MTHFR gene mutation has a significantly greater risk of having a baby born with a neural-tube defect (NTD), such as spina bifida.†*

Emerald MTHFR Birth Defect Image









i. Crider KS, Zhu JH, Hao L, et al. MTHFR 677C->T genotype is associated with folate and homocysteine concentrations in a large, population-based, double-blind trial of folic acid supplementation. Am J Clin Nutr, 2011 Apr 20. [Epub ahead of print].

ii. Wilcken B, Bamforth F, Li Z, et al. Geographical and ethnic variation of the 677C>T allele of 5,10 methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR): findings from over 7000 newborns from 16 areas world wide. J Med Genet, 2003;40:619-625.

iii Nat Rev Nerosci. 2006 September ; 7(9): 724-731. doi: 10.1038/nrn1986.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.