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Allergy Health

Superior Allergy Season Support*

Therapeutic dosages of Quercetin (1000mg), Nettle Leaf, N Acetyl Cysteine, Bromelain and Eyebright Powder shown to help:

• Improve symptoms of allergy-season-related challenges caused by natural pollen, airborne pollutants, dander and other related allergens.*

120 Vegetable Capsules

This formula includes 1000mg of Quercetin per serving which is the dose used clinically by Dr.
Stengler to effectively assist with allergic symptoms, (most formulas contain 250mg or less).

• Studies have shown that Quercetin has natural anti-histamine effects.1

• Dr. Stengler has also added a synergistic blend of Nettle Leaf, non-acidic Vitamin C, N Acetyl
Cysteine, Bromelain & Eyebright Powder shown clinically to effectively minimize allergic symptoms. 2,3


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